Jeanne Voilier silk, knitting and precious jewellery handmade in France

silks and precious jewellery

our collections of tops, silk dresses and precious jewellery are designed and offered in limited editions. Our wish is to privilege short circuits, local partnerships and quality.

#moinsmaisenmieux #lessbutbetter

Exclusive collections of silk tops and dresses, halfway between lingerie and fashion accessories, our silk pieces can be worn alone or combined, above and below but are especially designed to be worn out in the open.

Made of gold and set with precious stones, our jewellery is designed by a jewellery craftsman exclusively for Jeanne Voilier. They bring an extra touch of delicacy to all outfits. Engraved with the initial of your choice, they are an unforgettable and unalterable gift.

the requirement of finishes

Thought down to the smallest details, Jeanne Voilier silk tops and dresses can be adapted to any outfit. Adjustable straps, V neckline, slim finishes, three lengths available, choice of the most beautiful silks, each piece is a sure and essential value, to wear “above" or below.

we like beautiful things

Top, little top, tank top, top or sleepdress, babydoll dress, combo dress, underwear, call them what you want, our Daylight Silk are all at once. A modern and revisited version of the French caraco and the combination of the thirties, we bring them up to date, for the love of beautiful things and soft sensations, because femininity slips into the smallest detail.