Jeanne (en)

The first name Jeanne embodies sweetness, it is also the name of the women who inspired this story :

Jeanne L., born in 1901, an independent and strong woman already for her time. She was a midwife, mother of four children, wore flesh-coloured silk suits (it looks like a nude today), put lipstick on her lips and gently powdered her cheeks with rice powder,

Jeanne T., a twenty-one year old girl with such a soft look and face, as coquettish as one would wish, the second of four girls,

Jeanne L., finally. Another woman of temperament, with a look that was remembered and that left no one indifferent. Always dressed in silk or ivory white satin tops and dresses, she has inspired some of the most beautiful love letters in French literature.

The JEANNE collection is a tribute to these three women, to what they embody in femininity, to their minimalist elegance, to their concern for perfection.

It is a permanent collection, which offers tops and combinette dresses in pure silk crepe. The colours are light and in the spirit of the times. We complete them if necessary each season. The JEANNE collection is for those who simply want to be feminine.

Three lengths are available, depending on the size:

short version: 37.8 to 38.2cm
medium-long version: 53.8 to 54.2 cm / 57.8 to 58.5 for the new winter colours Dark blue and wine lees
long version: 63.8 to 64.2 cm / 68.8 to 69.5 cm for the new winter colours Dark blue and wine lees

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