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It all starts with a dream….

…a little girl's dream of seeing big, a girl's dream of being a woman and a woman's dream of surprising. Each one carries within her a dream that belongs to her, makes her want to express her share of femininity. Jeanne Voilier is the story of this dream, a sweet journey that tries to reveal a little more the beauty of what makes us women, simply.

at the origin of the brand

Nathalie Balmaña

brand creator JEANNE VOILIER

By my father, I am a mixture of Italy and Spain. It is from him that I love beautiful things, a preference for the slowness of the landscapes of Andalusia or the Tuscan plains but also for the alleys that come to life at nightfall. My mother was born in Dakar and her parents returned to France loaded with trunks full of books, natural cotton sheets and embroidered linen. I was going to secretly open the wooden crates in the attic of the family home, to touch the precious fabrics. Nothing is ever totally random. Today, mother of four wonderful girls, passionate about literature, decoration and beautiful materials, I wanted to create a universe that brings together these family stories, that unites elegance, authenticity, quality, that brings together my childhood dreams made of dancing and kissing on the cheeks, a brand that speaks to each one, according to her style, her mood, a brand that adapts to who we are every day, unique and feminine, simply.