accessories and jewels

Bag, khadi cotton stole, silk square, 750/1000 gold jewellery set with diamonds, sapphire or rubies

so many pieces selected to accessorize silk tops and dresses,

from the most functional to the most valuable

In 750/1000 gold, set with a diamond, the “Personal Note" pebble jewel is adorned with the initial of your choice and lays a precious note on the silk. To make your Daytime Silk unique, personalize a gift, amaze and surprise even more. Exclusive to the brand, it takes exactly the shape of the golden Jeanne Voilier pastille and is available in sapphire or ruby versions. Personalized with an initial if you wish, it is made to measure by a jewellery craftsman for Jeanne Voilier. The delivery time after order is about four weeks. Soon available in pink gold and diamond and pendant.

The silk squares, or gavroche, are made of French silk twill woven in workshops located in Lyon and are manufactured in limited series.

The khadi cotton stole is a traditional scarf woven in India according to the rules of the art.